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Now You See Him, Soon You Won't? Jets' Rex Drops 90 Pounds

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- Jets players are noticing something different during their mini-camp: their head coach Rex Ryan's a dramatic weight loss.

CBS 2's Christine Sloan found out Friday how Ryan lost an amazing 90 pounds.

The images of Ryan from last season and now are startling.

"He looks great ... Actually, he looks hot," said fan Karen MacNeil of New Providence, N.J.

"I would be very interested to find out [how he did it]," Chatham's Ahmad Nahvi added.

While everyone wants to know Rex's secret, the only skinny the coach gave on his diet plan was the following:

"I was in the there today on the treadmill, breaking records on the treadmill," Rex said.

Two years ago, Ryan admitted to having had Lap-band weight-loss surgery. He shed pounds then, but gained it back.

Now, he looks so good even his players are teasing him.

"He looks kind of ridiculous, because I think he's still wearing the same clothes and he hasn't gone out and gotten anything new, so it looks like he's wearing a tent," center Nick Mangold said. "But he looks fantastic. It's awesome for him.

"My arms look like twigs. They're like please put some sleeves on. I'm like all right but when you look you want guys to say I'm looking good," Ryan said.

Jose's Mexican Cantina in New Providence is Ryan's favorite restaurant. In fact, he sits in the same place every time he comes in. A waiter told Sloan he ordered several meals with his wife on Sunday, but in the past he would get a huge Chimichanga along with all of the food.

So, it sounds like he's cutting down on his portions.

"He cut down the size. Yes, I noticed that," restaurant owner Jose Brid said.

It's not the first time fans have had an appetite for Ryan's personal struggles. In the past he's had to defend his wife after the foot-fetish video of her appeared online.

"Most men do think my feet are pretty," Ryan said at the time." My wife is beautiful. We've been married 23 years. You know, she's awesome."

That earned him the nickname "Sexy Rexy" with women, while most male fans say they could care less.

"He could weigh 900 pounds as long as he wins," said Terry McCabe of Chatham.

It's the battle of the bulge over time that will make the difference.

How do you think Rex looks? Please offer your thoughts in the comments section below ...

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