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As New Yorkers Tell it, There's Nothing Like A Day At The Beach On 75-Degree Day In November

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- There wasn't a cloud in the sky on Sunday.

Even though it's November, it felt like a summer day. The weather was so nice, some people hit the beach, CBS2's Dave Carlin reported.

Hoops left them feeling heated as temperatures climbed to the mid-70s at Pelham Bay Park.

Jorge Alvarado brought sons Indio and Nauel.

"We decided to get all sweaty and just work out a little," said Indio, 16.

"Shoot the ball, sweat a little instead of being stuck in the house. We're enjoying it," Jorge said.

There were balmy breezes and bare skin in the Bronx and some people were wondering if it was all really happening.

"If feels wrong. It feels very wrong. But it's nice to enjoy it, though," said Stephanie Campos of Mount Vernon.

Campos brought 5-year-old daughter Ashley to Orchard Beach.

"I like to be here at the beach," Ashley said.

"November, we don't go to the beach in November, but, yeah, I want to go to the beach and here we are," added Ramona Lopez of Kew Gardens.


There was a picnic on the sand for Annette Defonzo and family.

Kite flying and running around made 9-year-old A.J. Defonzo's day.

"The sun is very hot, but it's a good day. I like being at the beach, playing with the sand," A.J. said.

"It's beautiful. It's like spring right now," added Peter Williams, manager of CYC Fitness in Manhattan.

The unusually warm weather that started Friday bolstered outdoor exercise classes and lured runners out of homes and out of jackets.

But keep those coats handy. When fall pretends to be summer, it's bound to be brief.

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