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North Jersey Couple Injured In Car Wreck Spreads Message To Teens About Distracted Driving

HILLSBOROUGH, NJ (CBSNewYork)-- A northern New Jersey couple who lost their legs to a driver who was sending a text message is sharing their story with high school students.

Dave Kubert has learned to find humor in living without his left leg.

"I flip my leg around like this and I rest my drink on it," he told CBS 2's Emily Smith.

But having a prosthetic leg due to an 18-year-old who was sending a text message while driving, is no joke.

Half of the students at Hillsborough High School admitted during the assembly that they text and drive or that they know people who regularly text and drive.

Students viewed a dramatic video from AT&T which showed victims of texting and driving, Somerset County drivers are given the option to watch the video in lieu of receiving a $130 ticket if they are caught texting while driving.

"It's a powerful video and I think it has the ability to change behavior," said Somerset County Prosecutor Geoffry Soriano.

Most students said that after watching the video they would no longer text while driving, however they still worry about being on the other side of an accident involving a distracted driver.

The Kuberts hope that their message will prevent teens from texting and driving.

The teenager who caused the crash has not been to court and is currently facing fines

What solution would you propose for distracted driving? Let us know in our comments section below...


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