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No Punches Pulled As NYCHA War Of Words Heats Up

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Longstanding problems with the New York City Housing Authority are getting political, with everyone from the president to the mayor sounding off this weekend.

A federal official spent the past two weeks living in apartments, experiencing what some call a NYCHA nightmare.

But is it making a difference?

Harsh words now match the often harsh conditions people face in New York City public housing.

"The New York City Housing Authority, the mayor of New York has done a terrible job with public housing," President Donald Trump said. "We're trying to help them but the mayor of the city of New York has done a terrible job with respect to public housing."

HUD official Lynne Patton inspecting a NYCHA apartment. (Credit: CBS2)

The mayor responded Sunday night, tweeting it was another "rambling tirade about New York City," and criticized the president for cutting funding to public housing nationwide, CBS2's Lisa Rozner reported.

Earlier Sunday, another politician jumped into the war of words.

"Were are here to say to HUD, federal HUD, put your money where your mouth is," New York Sen. Chuck Schumer said.

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The Democratic Senate minority leader called on the Department of Housing and Urban Development to add $1.2 billion to the federal budget for NYCHA. It comes after HUD's regional administrator, Lynne Patton, spent the past two weeks at two different NYCHA apartments.

In response, she tweeted "a budget means nothing." She also said the new federal monitor, Bart Schwartz, is reviewing finances and management structure.

The NYCHA resident who hosted Patton at the Patterson Houses backed up her former roommate.

"In order for them to justify their need they need to show proof and evidence," Gladys Sanchez said.

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Sanchez admitted she did have hot water the week Patton was there and now it's only intermittent. Her neighbors said the property was well kept that week, too, and now it's back in disarray.

Patton tweeted out a photo saying one man's shower was fixed, but NYCHA resident Martha Eaddy is still waiting for a response to her bathroom work orders.

"Come in and stay in somebody's apartment, but you're still not getting the work done," Eaddy said.

Patton said she won't be staying with a family this week because she has mandatory meetings in Washington. So, come next Monday she'll be moving into her third apartment at the Queensbridge Houses.

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