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Pandemic Baby Boom? More Like Pandemic Baby Bust, As More Couples Avoid Pregnancy: 'Who Wants To Raise A Child In A Time Like This'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - Forget about a pandemic baby boom.

Health experts say millions more Americans are now on birth control to prevent getting pregnant.

As CBS2's Jessica Moore reports, mother Ashley Thompson won't risk her party of two turning into a party of three.

"I don't know how I would feel bringing on another child right now, especially with everything being so questionable, like work," she said.

She's not alone.

"Who wants to raise a child in a time like this?" said Midtown resident Whitney Jackson. "I am childless right now by choice."

Those ladies are part of a growing army of women now on birth control to ensure they don't get pregnant during the pandemic.

National health data show requests for contraception are up by a staggering 50% over the last few months.


"It surprised me a little bit. I figure people would either be making babies or getting divorced," said Kips Bay resident Cheryl Gunnip.

But experts say, with most people trapped at home during the recession, many couples are actually avoiding getting pregnant so they don't get divorced.

"People are working from home. Childcare centers are closed, and now it's time for schools to open, but they're opening remotely and that's creating a lot of stress for parents," said Varsa Rao of Nurx Digital Health.

Planned Parenthood of Greater N.Y. is also seeing an uptick in requests for birth control from teens whose schools would normally provide contraception and from the unemployed.

"We have many people who've lost their jobs and healthcare thinking 'Where do we go to get what we need,'" said Sarah Zuercher of Planned Parenthood of Greater N.Y.

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But not everyone is actively trying to prevent a pandemic pregnancy.

"Being trapped in apartments with families is temporary. It's more can you afford to raise a child at this moment. If you want a child, you'll make it happen," said Upper West Side resident Corina Cunningham.

Only time will tell whether this global pandemic a global baby boom.

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