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More Service Disruptions On No. 7 Line Leaves Commuters Exasperated

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Service on the No. 7 subway line between Manhattan and Queens resumed a short time ago, after being out since around 11 a.m. Monday.

As CBS2's Meg Baker reported, there is still no 7 line service running in Manhattan due to signal problems.

On the platform at Grand Central Terminal, commuters were extremely frustrated and unsure of how to get home to Queens.

Yellow tape blocks off the entrance to the 7 train at Grand Central, stopping riders in their tracks.

"I'm very Frustrated! I just got here and the rope is on, they don't even give announcements upstairs at the platform," said one woman.

"There's nothing going from Queensboro Plaza to where I am going: Vernon – Jackson," said Ed Langsan.

Confused commuters didn't know which way to turn, Baker reported.

"It's confusing because the R was running with delays and there weren't any N and Qs. So we took the train down here and it turns out the 7 isn't running from here," said Diane Hwangpo. "So now we have to go back up, so I dunno, New York City transportation is a bust."

All of the commuters who spoke with Baker said they weren't necessarily surprised since they have been dealing with delays and issues with the 7 line for months.

"It's a hard day at work and then, you know, taking the 7 is just 10 minutes from here to there, to get home," said Freddy Pavon.

"Again?! The 7 train, every week; there's always -- the 7 train falters on us at least twice a week," said Carmen Rodrigues.

"(Has this happened to you before?) Too often. The 7 train only has two tracks and there's no room for another train to go around it," said Langsan.

The 7 line is running in Queens between Queensboro Plaza and Flushing, but that leaves those who live in Long Island City and Vernon Boulevard with few options once they reach Grand Central.

The MTA does not have a time line for when the 7 line will be fully operational again.

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