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Families Brave Storm For Snow Day Sledding In Bergen County

PARAMUS, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- Families in Paramus, New Jersey braved the elements to have some fun on the snow day.

Some walked, some drove, but all said it was icy out there.

Nonetheless, children of all ages donned their snow suits to celebrate a day of no school.

CBS2's Meg Baker: "Have you been waiting all day to get out here and sled?"

Zaid Toor: "Yeah!"

Baker: "How big is the hill?"

Lila Maschio: "Giant!"

Baker: "Your cheeks are all rosy, are you feeling cold?"

Andrew Caughoun: "Yeah, I'm feeling pretty cold."

They had to hold on to their sleds as wind gusts interrupted the fun, blowing sleds and snow into the air.

As for getting to Van Saun Park, parents had mixed experiences.

"Not too bad. River Edge town did a great job snow plowing," Darren Klein said.

"Well coming out of our driveway, there was a little bit of ice," Zafar Toor said.

The dads said they weren't planning to stay too long, as they were concerned about icy conditions.

But it wasn't all fun and games in Bergen County. Snow quickly accumulated, creating hazardous conditions.

New Jersey state police responded to more than 200 crashes and even more calls from drivers for help since midnight.

CBS2's Meg Baker hitched a ride in a plow operated by Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco, who told residents to stay home.

As the evening progresses and the storm pulls away, expect a deep freeze.

"Even with four-wheel drive when you have ice underneath you, your vehicle is going to skid, even with a truck. That's why you don't go out on the road," Tedesco said.

The next thing road crews will have to deal with is the ice below the snow, so they are back out salting. Meanwhile, the sledding is winding down as kids go home to get warm.

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