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NJ Bill Would Allow Photo ID Postponement To People Undergoing Some Medical Treatments

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Anyone undergoing medical treatment that alters their appearance would be able to put off taking a driver's license photo in New Jersey if a state Assemblyman gets his way.

As WCBS 880's Kelly Waldron reported, if you're undergoing chemotherapy or any other medical treatment that changes how you look, the head of the Motor Vehicle Commission would be able to gran you a one-year postponement for a new driver's license photo under a measure drafted by Assemblyman Paul Moriartity.

"Why force you to memorialize a time in your life you'd rather forget to be on your license for four to eight years," said Moriartity.

Joanne Jodry, of Neptune City, knows the feeling all too well. Currently being treated for breast cancer, she was forced to take a new driver's license photo a few weeks ago.

"It was the insensitivity of everybody, the sort of coldness of like, 'these are the rules'" she said.

But Jodry said she also doesn't want the identity of being sick once she recovers.

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