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Nina In New York: Welcome Back, Cold Weather Accessories

A young professional's take on the trials and tribulations of everyday life in New York City.

By Nina Pajak

Oops. It's winter.

I was becoming kind of okay with the idea that perhaps climate change had finally taken a turn for the obvious, making New York the new California and California the new Hawaii. In the sense that it's warm year-round and will likely soon be a series of islands. Oh, burn. No, but really, mostly the warm thing.

I got a very pretty new hat and fancy gloves for my birthday, and they've been sitting in a box on the dining table for a month (we clearly don't "dine" too often, being more of a couch + coffee table + stand at the fridge and snack indiscriminately type of couple). I keep taking them out and trying them on because they're sparkly and then putting them back because it's 65° outside and our windows are open and I'm wearing a denim jacket. Just yesterday, as I was contemplating the box yet again, I said to Mr. Pajak, "I really kind of want to wear my new hat and gloves! I can't believe it's nearly December and I haven't had occasion to yet. Actually, I'm sure in a month when we're freezing and there's no end in sight, I'm really going to regret having said that."

When I went outside at 7:00 a.m. yesterday to walk the dog and was smacked upside the face with a blast of cold wind, I already regretted it.

Though I will admit that I've honestly been feeling a little out of sorts with all this temperate, balmy weather. I mean, when Christmas trees and department store window displays are up, I'm pretty sure Jack Frost is supposed to be nipping at our toes. Or nose. Or whatever, I never remember lyrics. It just somehow feels wrong to be admiring lights and battling the 5th Avenue throngs in a light sweater and no coat, doesn't it?

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My friend in Los Angeles explained to me that the girls over there arbitrarily declare "boot season" or "winter accessory" season, and start wearing cold-weather gear despite the fact that it never stops being 75°, just so they can join in on seasonal fashion with the rest of the country. Personally, I think this is nutty. But amazingly, it doesn't make me want to move out where it's warm all the time and scarves are a statement rather than a necessity, nice as that may sound on a bitter day here. It actually makes me a little bit happy about winter. And also a smidgen smug that we Northeast girls don't have to be reduced to wearing boots for no reason just because we, like, just really like boots and they look way cute in magazines. And our guys know (some of them, most of the time), that knit caps are for head-warming and not just for wearing at bars in order to look more like Ashton Kutcher. I mean, what would winter really be without, well, winter?

Oh, pleasant, sure. But boring. So boring! Plus, what would we complain about for the next five months? Local professional sporting organizations and their disappointing performance? Bah.


Dear Readers: While I am rarely at a loss for words, I'm always grateful for column ideas. Please feel free to e-mail me your suggestions.

Nina Pajak is a writer and publishing professional living with her husband on the Upper West Side.

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