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Nighttime In NYC Changing From Orange To White With New LED Street Lights

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Walking through Windsor Terrace at night, you may have noticed things are a bit brighter than they used to be.

But some Brooklyn residents are taking issue with the new LED street lights that the city is now using.

As 1010 WINS' Al Jones Reported, with these new street lights, it's all about location.

"If you're within a street address right outside it's like having a little movie light in your front room," said Daniel Power, of Windsor Terrace.

Nighttime In NYC Changing From Orange To White With New LED Street Lights

Saul said the lights are great for walking, but not so great if they're right outside your window.

"If they're close to somebody's house, well obviously it makes more of a difference," he said.

Instead of the orange haze of the old street lights, the entire city will be bathed in bright white.

Joy told Jones a warning from the city would have been appreciated.

"They just showed up, it seems. So that was just shocking, I noticed these glaring lights out of my living room window," she said.

The new lights last longer and use less electricity, but folks agree it will take some getting used to.

All 250,000 street lights are expected to be replaced with the LEDs within the next two years.


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