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New Yorkers say quality of life, safety have declined in recent years, according to new survey

New Yorkers say quality of life has declined in recent years
New Yorkers say quality of life has declined in recent years 02:19

NEW YORK -- A new survey has found that New Yorkers feel their quality of life has taken a big hit in recent years. 

Residents were asked about everything from public education to crime on the subway. 

It was the first quality-of-life survey taken in the city post-pandemic, and the results are pretty bleak -- with just 30% of New Yorkers rating their quality of life as "good," down from 50% in 2017.

New Yorkers are feeling less positive, not very safe, and unsatisfied with most city services, according to the survey conducted by the Citizens Budget Commission.

The nonprofit, which interviewed 6,600 households across the city, found 30% of New Yorkers rate quality of life as "excellent" or "good," and one-third rate it as "poor."

"People are going crazy and it's worse, it's getting worse," Morningside Heights resident Annabella Arjona told CBS New York in response to the results. 

"Before, nobody steal, nothing in the streets," another person said. 

"The streets are not as clean. It's really, really messy," said another.

Survey: Less than half of New Yorkers say they feel safe riding subway during the day 05:52

The survey also found just 37% of New Yorkers felt safe in their neighborhoods, down from 50% in 2017, 24% believe the quality of government services is "good" or "excellent," down from 44% in 2017, and only 11% feel the government is spending tax dollars wisely, compared to 21% six years ago.  

Mayor Eric Adams' administration responded by saying it's important to keep context in mind.

"We're seeing this across the country after COVID. A lot of folks, or a lot of cities, are having problems rebounding back and having people say that they're up to the same quality of life," said Fabien Levy, deputy mayor for communications.

The results varied depending on race, neighborhood, and income -- with white people, residents of Manhattan, and those with higher salaries more likely to report satisfaction.

The survey also found the focus of the Adams administration does align with New Yorkers' priorities, including public safety, housing, and clean streets, but that a great deal of progress still needs to be made.

"All those things that New Yorkers believed that are important, the report says that we are on the right track. The goal is to continue on that right track," Adams said Tuesday. 

According to the survey, the communities reporting the best quality of life include Cobble Hill in Brooklyn, and the West Village in Manhattan. Those reporting the worst quality of life include Jackson Heights in Queens, and Kingsbridge in the Bronx. 

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