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Some Bills Passed In New York State Legislature Remain In Limbo As Year Ends

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- The clock is running out for some of the bills passed this year in the New York State Legislature.

It was a historic session in Albany with more than 900 bills passed, but some of them are still in limbo as the year ends, CBS2's Carolyn Gusoff reports.

A bill to bring unprecedented monitoring to the Hempstead School District passed unanimously, but now as the year closes, so does the window of time Gov. Andrew Cuomo has to sign or veto it -- along with 21 other bills he hasn't yet acted on.

"Twenty bills left and this is one of them, and this is because I think New York State is watching what happens with this bill. California is watching," New York State Assembly member Taylor Darling said.

The bill's sponsor understands concerns over the national precedent school monitoring sets but is still hopeful, as is Sen. John Brooks.

Brooks' bill for fiscal monitoring of the Wyandanch School District is still in discussions in what he says is beyond the 11th hour.

"I think we're right now at 11:55 ... but I still have hope," he said. "I understand his concerns. I'm hoping he's gonna recognize this is an exceptional, unique position."

Bills in limbo were in a mountain of legislation passed this year by empowered Democrats -- a record 930 bills, almost twice the normal number.

The fiscal watchdog nonprofit Empire Center of Public Policy says the governor has good reason to hesitate to sign some, including giving striking workers unemployment benefits after one week.

"The danger there is anytime you subsidize a behavior, you are encouraging it. So the state would be using unemployment insurance money to essentially pay people to go out on strike," Ken Girardin, with Empire Center, said.

Also on the list are a bill to require car wash workers be paid the minimum wage without counting the tips, a bill to pay utility workers the prevailing wage and a bill to ban the sale of toxic toys.

Cuomo has 10 days to sign or veto a bill once it's sent to his office by year's end. Rules allow for some bills to be considered in January.

"It doesn't necessarily mean it's doomed ... It can always be brought back," Baruch College dean David Birdsell said.

A spokesman for the governor says some 20 bills remain under review, adding, "It is our responsibility to ensure that the bills, as written, are responsible, enforceable and accomplish their intended purpose."

So what happens if Hempstead school monitoring isn't signed into law?

"We'll rework it, whatever we have to do," Darling said.

Darling is encouraged it has not yet been vetoed.

The following is a full list of the bills that Cuomo has not yet acted on:

11 bills not yet called for by Cuomo

  • S501B KAMINSKY -- Relates to regulation of toxic chemicals in children's products
  • S1826C KENNEDY -- Relates to enacting the "New York Call Center Jobs Act"
  • S4030A RAMOS -- Requires certain car wash workers to be paid the minimum wage without allowance for gratuities
  • S4573 KENNEDY -- Relates to decreasing the length of the suspension period applicable to certain striking workers who seek to obtain unemployment insurance benefits
  • S5349 KAMINSKY -- Relates to regulation of toxic chemicals in children's products
  • S5946B MAY -- Establishes the Syracuse City School District regional STEAM high school
  • S6219A BENJAMIN -- Relates to wages and supplements for building service employees employed at certain properties held in the cooperative or condominium form of ownership receiving a tax abatement
  • S6265A GIANARIS -- Ensures that utility employees receive the prevailing wage
  • S6559 THOMAS -- Authorizing the commissioner of education and the chancellor of the board of regents, with the approval of the board of regents, to appoint monitors to oversee the Hempstead Union Free School District
  • S6567 HARCKHAM -- Relates to the employees of the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant
  • S6588A BROOKS -- Authorizes a monitor for Wyandanch Union Free School District

11 bills on Cuomo's desk

  • A2904 QUART -- Prohibits certain insurance policies from requiring prior authorization for certain medications used in the treatment of substance use disorders; repealer
  • S2844B RAMOS -- Relates to securing payment of wages for work already performed; creates an employee lien
  • S4080C SAVINO -- Requires the licensing of persons engaged in the design, construction, inspection, maintenance, alteration and repair of elevators
  • S4241A KAMINSKY -- Authorizes retail licensees to purchase beer, wine or liquor by means of a business payment card
  • S4278 KRUEGER -- Enacts the "Women on Corporate Boards Study"
  • S5935A HARCKHAM -- Relates to medication-assisted treatment for substance-use disorders
  • S6197 BRESLIN -- Relates to policies or contracts which are not included in the definition of student accident and health insurance
  • S6281A HOYLMAN -- Relates to defense and indemnification obligations relating to the Route 9A Bikeway/Greenway adjacent to the Hudson River Park
  • S6293A COMRIE -- Authorizes in the city of New York, for certain public works undertaken pursuant to project labor agreements, use of the alternative delivery method known as design-build contracts
  • S6367 GOUNARDES -- Relates to a special retirement plan for certain members of the New York state and local police and fire retirement system
  • S6566 KAVANAGH -- Relates to development or redevelopment of Pier 40 in the Hudson River Park
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