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New York City French Community In Shock After Paris Attacks

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- French natives living in New York felt heartache and disbelief Friday evening upon hearing of the attacks that left an estimated 153 people dead in Paris.

CNN reported a total of 112 people were killed at a Paris concert hall, along with 14 at a Cambodian restaurant nearby, 19 outside a bar near the Stade de France outside the city, four at the stadium, and four elsewhere.

The attacks amount to the deadliest in Paris since World War II.

At the time of the attacks, some French natives had gathered at the Provence en Boîte restaurant, at 263 Smith St. in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, to watch the soccer match between France and Germany at the Stade de France and heard the explosion.

PHOTOS: Dozens Killed In Attacks On Paris, France

A squad car from the NYPD 76th Precinct was parked outside the bistro. The owners said police stopped by just to check on them and make them feel comfortable in a time of uncertainty.

The gesture was appreciated by owners and patrons.

Meanwhile, customers were glued to the TV screens playing French news as horrifying new details emerged.

The owners of the bistro have been in New York City for 19 years, but still have family in Paris. They said they could never imagine something so horrible happening in their home country.

"I'm shocked, you know – we have kids, I have a grandson; I have grandchildren, children living in France, and it's something very, very hard for us, and my heart is breaking," said Jean-Jacques Bernat of Carroll Gardens.

"We're very sad – very sad and very angry, and I feel for these families and all their lost ones, really, and now, between the French and the government, they have to be hand-to-hand and move on, and I feel for them," said Leslie Bernat of Carroll Gardens.

A vigil for the victims of the attacks was also held in Union Square Friday evening. Participants joined hands in prayer for the victims.

Paris Union Square Vigil
A vigil in Union Square for the victims of the Paris attacks on Friday, Nov. 13. (Credit: Karen Elliot, via Instagram)

The One World Trade Center spire will be lit blue, white and red in honor of dozens killed in the Paris attacks. Meanwhile, the Empire State Building went dark.

One World Trade Center After Paris Attacks
The One World Trade Center spire is lit in the colors of the French flag after the Paris attacks of Friday, Nov. 13. (Credit: CBS2)
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