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New York Drivers Ticked Off About Flimsy Muni-Meter Receipts

NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) -- Some drivers in New York are getting ticked off about getting parking tickets after they have already paid to park.

A Brooklyn assemblyman has pointed the finger at muni-meter paper that's too thin, CBS 2's Sonia Moghe reported.

It may have happened to you. After you pay for parking you put the receipt on your dashboard but it doesn't always stay.

"Open the door, close the door, even open the window and it flies away all the time. It's a pain," Kevin Kwan said.

Leon Harris shared Kwan's frustration.

"Mine Kept sliding down and they couldn't see it so they were giving me tickets because they couldn't see it," he said.

State Assemblyman Dov Hikind has taken a stand and sent a letter to the New York City Department of Transportation asking that the commissioner consider a switch to a different type of paper.

"These muni-meter receipts are printed on the thinnest, flimsiest paper," Hikind said, "This is one of those common sense things that are not complicated, not difficult, but extremely fair to New Yorkers."

Assemblyman Hikind also provided a receipt that he saved from Israel where thicker paper is used to help withstand the wind. He said that even if the switch costs more it will be worth it.

"It just makes sense to do this," he said, "The cost is negligible."

Some New Yorkers have come up with solutions of their own. One man uses a receipt holder to keep his paper in place.

"Do I think thicker paper will help? Not really," he said, "If they get the sticker thing like I got it will stay in the window."

Another woman simply exercises extra caution when putting her receipt on the dashboard.

"I always check that it's stayed there after I've thrown it in there," Amy Frey explained.

The Department of Transportation said that in the twenty years that it has been using this paper it has received a low number of complaints and that people can challenger tickets if they feel that they shouldn't have gotten one.

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