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Drivers Pay The Price After Winter Leaves City Streets Pockmarked With Potholes

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- The cold winter weather and all the construction going on around the city have done a number on the streets, and now drivers are paying a costly price.

As CBS2's Jessica Layton reported, trying to maneuver around roads on the West Side in Mobile 2 was a nightmare -- driving in the city, trying to avoid the craters in the streets will drive you crazy.

The DOT said it's already filled about 120,000 potholes since December, but as CBS2 found out first hand there's a lot more work to do.

"Everyday, it's always something," one New Yorker said.

It's the time of year they dread, when the wear and tear of winter results in a bumper crop of potholes, and getting around the road feels more like an off-roading adventure you don't want to take.

"It definitely looks like a third world country. You know what I mean? You would think New York City, America, we'd have better streets, but apparently not," Harlem resident Janae Brown said.

"Don't know when they're gonna get to them, but it's horrible," Luis Pimental said.

Pimental commutes in his car from New Jersey every day, and spent hundreds of dollars fixing bent rims because of rocky streets last year.

"Now I know the roads, and I know which way to swerve," he said.

From dips in the pavement to craters on corners -- drivers are constantly maneuvering the maze of uneven streets.

Some potholes can be deceiving -- they don't look wide, but they're deep enough that they've started collecting trash.

Workers at repair shops don't like to admit it, but poor conditions can be good for business.

One shop on West 45th Street sees ten to twelve customers with torn up tires or busted rims from problem potholes every day. They said it hasn't been as bad in recent years.

"Not much you can do about it, swerve and pray," Fabian Chumbay said.

That's one piece of advice, or you can take it from someone who's paid the price for potholes in the past.

"Take the train," Pimental said.

CBS2 asked the city about its plan to fix the rest of the potholes. They said a pothole blitz is planned for Saturday -- crews will go to all five boroughs and fill them in like crazy. If you see a problem you can report it to 311.


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