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Thousands of kidnapped flyers posted around New York City honoring missing civilians from war in Israel

NYC-based Israeli artists post "kidnapped" flyers of missing people
NYC-based Israeli artists post "kidnapped" flyers of missing people 02:17

NEW YORK - From street corner to street corner, the stories of the voiceless can be seen.

"She's Raz, and she's 4 years old," said Nitzan Mintz.

You've probably seen the flyers taped all over New York City.

"She was abducted from her home. And her mother has no idea where she is," explained Mintz.

Little Raz might be from Israel, but her photo and story is reaching all corners of New York City, along with hundreds of others who are now missing.

"There are babies here. How do they treat a baby when he's captive? Do they hold him? Do they give him milk?" she asked.

Israeli artists Nitzan Mintz, Dede Bandaid and Tal Huber took matters into their own hands when they heard about the missing innocent civilians. The artists say they were likely taken hostage after Hamas attacked Israel by air, land and sea on Saturday. 

"We felt useless and hopeless and didn't know what to do as we are so far away from home. So we used our skills as artists," said Mintz.

Their Kidnapped Campaign is now taking off internationally from Asia to Europe to right here at home.

"We felt like we have to do something," said Elinor Harpaz.

Harpaz and Romi Balbi are both Israeli and are just some of the many around the world helping tape the flyers up.

"The tiniest thing that will help people abroad to understand that this is a terror attack," Harpaz.

There have been incidents all over the world, including New York City, where people have torn these flyers down. The artists say this won't stop them from continuing their mission.

"They can destroy them… We will put 10,000 more," said Mintz. "This campaign feels like it's a bigger call from above. I feel like I'm not serving the army now, I'm not in reserve, but this is my reserve."

The Kidnapped Campaign has permission from each missing person's family to share their story. For more information, you can visit Mintz on Instagram @NitzanMintz, or click here.

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