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All-time high gas prices impacting New Yorkers' summer plans

New Yorkers say gas prices are affecting summer plans
New Yorkers say gas prices are affecting summer plans 01:53

NEW YORK -- Gas prices have hit an all-time high with the U.S. average a staggering $5 a gallon.

CBS2's Leah Mishkin spoke to drivers about how the cost at the pump is impacting summer plans.

Shane Beatty stopped on 51st and 11th to fill up his tank. His plan was to spend $30. What he didn't realize was the price per gallon -- $6.49.

"That's insane," Beatty said.

The Perth Amboy, New Jersey, resident has started taking the bus to work most days because it was costing him too much to drive in. It's even impacted how he shops.

"I've been ordering online because the delivery fee is probably cheaper than the gas at this point," he said.

Beatty told CBS2 he's also reconsidering trips to see friends.

"I just moved to Jersey, and my friends are in Staten Island, so it's like the commute plus gas and the toll... Gas prices are way too high [to make the trip]," he said.

Over on West 155th Street, the price for a regular gallon was $5.09.

Josias DeJesus was on his way to his nephew's birthday in New Jersey.

"I just came from boot camp in the Marines," he said. "Coming back I was like, whoa, $6 for gas is pretty extraordinary."

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According to AAA, the entire Tri-State Area is seeing record high prices so far this weekend:

  • New York City: $5.18
  • Long Island: $5.04
  • New Jersey: $5.05
  • Connecticut: $4.98

"Everybody goes around the Tri-State at least, so like a year ago, the prices were half of this," said commuter Alvin Martinez.

When it comes to summer plans, Martinez says, "You got to reconsider everything now."

Still, DeJesus says the one thing he won't miss no matter the price is time with family when he's home from North Carolina. That's why he's making the trip this Saturday.

"Family over everything," he said.

After this drive, though, he told us he plans to stay local until he heads back to boot camp on Tuesday.

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