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New York City Council Member Fixes Gas Station's Computer In Post-Sandy Mess

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- A New York City Council member came personally to a gas station in Queens to help fix a crashed computer system, according to the owner of the service station.

Owner John Rigone told 1010 WINS that the 15th and 49th Street Auto Care Center in Queens was without power for a week. When the electricity came back up, he discovered that the whole computer system had crashed.

Rigone called the office of City Council member Dan Halloran (R-19th), who came to the scene personally to help with the operating system problems.

"He was actually programing the computers," Rigone said. "He was online getting diagrams on how to reboot certain systems. This is all gas station equipment, which nobody really knows about, but he took the time out to really get in it to get the place up and running.

Halloran said he had just the right skills to complete the job.

"I'm an Eagle Scout, so I've got a lot of cross-training in all sorts of things," he said. "I'm a gadget geek as well, and I always have my Swiss Army knife in my back pocket when push comes to shove. My dad was an electrical engineer.

Halloran said the entire process lasted about four hours, until 12:30 a.m., and became worrisome after the computers had been reset, yet the gas-pumping mechanism still wasn't working. But the systems were ultimately restored.

Halloran said he went to Rigone's gas station to help facilitate the restoration because the process in Queens has been so slow and has gotten dangerous. He said people had been waiting at the gas station all day just in the hopes it would eventually be up and running, so he felt the pressure to get things moving.

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