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Cycling Advocates Say Drivers Are Using Bike Lanes And The Consequences Could Be Deadly

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Bike advocates say careless motorists are putting their lives in jeopardy on a daily basis.

Video seen on Gothamist shows an 18-wheel big rig traveling down a two way bike lane in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on a one way street.

It was recorded by a cyclist earlier this week to point out a problem that some say happens far too often.

Freedom-Loving Truck Driver Commandeers Williamsburg Bike Lane by Gothamist on YouTube

"This is precisely the kind of lawless driving that is injuring and killing New Yorkers on a daily basis," said Peter Steely White of Transportation Alternatives.

White told CBS2's Valerie Castro it's almost become an acceptable practice for drivers to use bike lanes with too few consequences.

"If Vision Zero means anything, the mayor must crack down on this kind of reckless driving," he said.

Cyclists say it puts their lives on the line every day.

"It's really a problem. This is a busy street, so when you're on a bike, and you have to get out of the bike lane because a car is in it, it's really dangerous," Katie Alexander said.

"If motorists find that they're stuck in traffic, driving in a bike lane or driving on the sidewalk is not an acceptable alternative," White said.

Video taken on 9th Ave in Manhattan shows drivers weaving in and out of the bike lane to get around traffic.

"Sometimes they go zig zag zig zag," Yad Singh said.

Last month the NYPD announced a crackdown on drivers who obstruct bike lanes and don't yield to cyclists.

The Department of Transportation plans to add 15 more miles of protected bike lanes to the city this year.


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