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New York-Based Company Releases Mitt Romney Condom

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Mitt Romney will probably sidestep this endorsement.

Benjamin Sherman, founder of the New York-based company Say It With A Condom, has launched a new product line named after the Republican presidential candidate.

The condom wrapper features a caricature of Romney on top of $100 bills with the slogan "Never Settle."

"Romney is the front-man right now and a lot of people aren't happy about that," Sherman tells 1010 WINS. "So we thought we would poke a little fun at that."

He said when it comes to voting for president or choosing a sexual partner you should never settle.

The Romney condom is not flavored, although Sherman said if it was it'd be "dry." The condoms also do not glow in the dark.

Sherman said the Romney condoms are a follow up to those named after former Congressman Anthony Weiner who ended up resigning from office in June 2011 after lewd pictures he sent to at least six women surfaced.

"Earlier last year, when that scandal broke we were sitting around and said, 'We just can't let this slip by,'" Sherman said. "We launched a Weiner condom that said, 'Protect Your Weiner.'"

"Weinergate," as it came to be known, also prompted a company to build an anatomically correct Anthony Weiner doll.

Sherman is an equal-opportunity jokester.

In 2008, his company rolled out Barack Obama condoms in packaging with a motto "Hope Is Not A Form Of Protection."

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