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Expert: Keep Those New Year's Resolutions Attainable

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- We all have New Year's resolutions we would love to keep, but sometimes we set the bar too high.

"And you just never hit those goals or you never are living up to them week by week, and so then you just fall on your butt, and it's not worth it," Darcy Budworth, of Brooklyn Heights, told CBS2's Mark Morgan.

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Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Kuriansky said you should not use the words "no" or "never" in your resolutions. And narrow it down -- the typical resolution is much too broad to be easily attained.

"You must make a resolution that is extremely specific," she said. "So if you want to lose weight -- which is OK, everybody wants to -- set a very specific goal: 'I am going to eat healthier and weigh 5 pounds less.' See, that is a little different than saying, 'I am going to lose weight.'"

CBS2 asked several New Year's revelers which resolutions they did not want to commit to for 2016.

"Definitely going to the gym every day," said Tim Tedesco, of Long Hill Township, New Jersey. "I mean, I would love to sit here and say I would do it every day, but I know that's not going to happen."

"I probably will not join a gym," said Danny Henning, of Harlem. "I will rest on my laurels until it's almost too late and then maybe join a gym."

"I know that I'm not going to stop procrastinating," said Kimberly Godfrey, of Perry, Ohio. "I'm a big procrastinator, and so I know that I'm not going to try to not do that."

Kuriansky suggested making your resolution positive, clear and achievable.

Or like Kristina Milo, of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, just be realistic.

"Definitely not lose weight, 'cause I've got this right here, baby," she said as she held up an order of French fries. "Happy New Year!"

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