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New Video With Chloë Sevigny Offers Snarky, Cynical Take On New York City Life

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Taylor Swift last fall extolled all the wonder and excitement of New York City in a series of greeting videos as the city's Global Welcome Ambassador last fall.

But on Tuesday, i-D fashion magazine released a new video featuring actress Chloë Sevigny, featuring a snarky take on some of the more annoying aspects of New York life.

While Swift's videos showcased temperate weather and called the city "absolutely, overwhelmingly electric" and with its "own heartbeat," Sevigny's new "Guide to Being a New Yorker" video was shot in the overwhelmingly un-electric dead of winter, and showed the beauty of walking in a city park interrupted by a strange man in his underwear asking, "Do you want to hear a poem?"

Sevigny is also seen petting a bodega cat that does not seem to be amused, and is later seen looking downright miserable walking down a windswept street as she claims that a crucial part of being a New Yorker is to "despise Los Angeles."

"I will never move to L.A. It's such an industry town. It's so dry. It's so isolating," Sevigny says in a voiceover as she is seen wincing from the bitter blast and trudging through icy slush. "It is warm, though… no, no, no. I hate driving."

Sevigny also demonstrates the travails of having to rush out of a restaurant before an order is ready, dealing with "flaky people" who will cancel on you at the last minute, and putting up with slow-walking tourists.

"I mean, I'm glad you're here to visit and stimulate the economy, but can you not hold hands when you walk in front of me?" she gripes.

But while her tone may have been a bit less optimistic than Swift's, Sevigny ends with an upbeat message too.

"Leave the city on occasion," she tells her audience, "because there's nothing better than coming back home to New York."

Swift, 25, was born in Pennsylvania but moved to Tennessee at 14 to pursue a career in country music. She is a recent New York City transplant.

Sevigny, 40, was born in Springfield, Massachusetts and raised in Darien, Connecticut, but has lived in New York for decades. She resided in the East Village from the early 1990s until 2013, and has lived since then in Park Slope, Brooklyn, according to published reports.

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