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New Study: Difficult Childhood Experiences Possibly Linked To Compulsive Shopping Later In Life

NEW YORK (WLNY) -- According to a new study, certain types of childhood experiences might be to blame for putting children at risk of a shopping addiction.

A new study finds parents may be to blame for their kids' out of control spending, TV 10-55's Emily Smith reported. The study in the Journal of Consumer Affairs links a difficult childhood, including divorce, to compulsive shopping later in life.

Psychologist Harris Stratyner said it is hard to blame just one reason for the development of a shopping addiction.

"There are many, many reasons why we become the adults we are, and to look at one reason, that being your parents, and blaming it on your parents, I think it's misguided," he said.

Shopping addiction can also be traced to peers and heredity. Experts advise that couples going through family drama need to be extra supportive to their children with an emphasis on financial responsibility.

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