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New Rochelle neighbors exasperated over "Swiss cheese" house

New Rochelle neighbors exasperated over "Swiss cheese" house
New Rochelle neighbors exasperated over "Swiss cheese" house 02:14

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. -- Residents in New Rochelle have lost their appetite for a certain neighbor. 

The so-called "Swiss cheese" house is in a sad state, and neighbors say the situation really stinks. 

CBS New York's Tony Aiello took a look at how and why the house is full of holes. 

In a neighborhood of elegant abodes, there is an eyesore at 89 The Esplanade in New Rochelle. Because of the way the home's exterior walls is pockmarked with holes, its nickname was almost inevitable. 

"The Swiss cheese house is its nickname," New Rochelle resident Jim Brown said. 

Brown pointed out lots of people love Swiss cheese. But what about in the Beechmont neighborhood, where the house is?

"It's high appetite for getting it fixed. We understand there's a whole series of liens against the property. It's a real mess. Not only the house, but the actual finances," Brown said. 

Indeed, the front door is plastered with violation notices, and court records show more than a dozen liens against the property. 

Sources told CBS New York the owner has financial problems, and the house has been deteriorating for at least six years. 

The "StreetView" feature on Google Maps gives an idea of how dramatically the look of this house has changed. In 2018, it was in its original, fully built state. It was wrapped in Tyvek during stucco removal in 2019, and nowadays it has the aforementioned Swiss cheese esthetic. 

So what's up with all the holes? A city official said they were caused by removal of stucco that contained asbestos, exposing the structural terra cotta block construction from 1912. 

While the house looks terrible outside and inside, the building commissioner said that "at last inspection, the structure was not damaged to the point of needing demolition." 

Recently, a judge ordered the house be sold at foreclosure auction. The city is expected to press the buyer to at least re-side the house to hide the holes. 

Neighbors won't miss the Swiss cheese vibe. 

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