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New Law Means Extra Scrutiny For Crisis Pregnancy Centers In NYC

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) - A new law in New York City demands pregnancy service centers tell clients whether they provide abortions or emergency contraception and whether they have licensed medical personnel on staff.

WCBS 880 reporter Rich Lamb with Both Sides


The law's chief sponsor, City Councilwoman Jessica Lapin, says the law demands truth in advertising.

"It does limit the ability of centers to pretend that they are medical facilities when they are not," says Lapin.

Expectant Mother Care founder Christopher Slattery is suing to overturn the new law.

"We have been maligned by an activist - Jessica Lapin - who spends her spare time in front of abortion clinics escorting women into abortion clinics," says Slattery. "The department of health has never sanctioned us, never given us a visit, never given us a fine, never given us a warning.

"This bill only regulates centers that are deceiving women into thinking that they are in a medical facility when they are not," says Lapin. "If you are providing counseling and social services and that's it, then you are not covered by this legislation."

"I founded Expectant Mother Care 26 years ago, and in the last 26 years, over 40,000 girls and women that we've served have chosen life," says Slattery.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed the measure, saying he does not favor abortion, but supports a woman's right to choose.


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