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CBS2 Exclusive: Wedding Crashers Dance It Up At N.J. Couple's Reception

SPARTA, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- Some New Jersey newlyweds are looking for a couple who were the life of the party at their wedding reception.

The problem is that the couple was not actually invited.

CBS2's Ali Bauman spoke exclusively to the bride and groom, Karen and Michael Tufo.

Snapshots showed two people dancing it up at a wedding in Sparta, New Jersey Sunday, but as the bride and groom told Bauman from their honeymoon, they were complete strangers.

"We knew from the second we saw them, they didn't belong," Karen Tufo said. "When they first sat down, the table called them Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn."

She was referring to the 2005 hit movie "Wedding Crashers," where characters scheme their way into weddings for a free party. The uninvited guests pulled off a real-life sequel.

"I made the table arrangements. I knew who was at each table, and I saw them and I figured, it must have been someone I haven't met before," Karen Tufo said.

The uninvited couple avoided both bride and groom, who were caught up in the celebration. Even the bridesmaids were too distracted to ask questions.

"Any time she came over, a good song came on, we would start dancing -- and then it just got away from me," said maid of honor Aimee Boardman.

And then the crashers became the life of the party.

"In the center of the circle, just dancing all over the place -- like right up in our face -- and photobombing every picture we took," said guest Marisa Fatzer.

"They were dressed -- they were professionals the way they pulled it off," Karen Tufo said.

The next morning, the newlyweds opened a card. Inside was a $1 bill and a message – "Congratulations, sorry for crashing your wedding, best of luck."

"We laughed," Karen Tufo said. "We're like, 'Oh my God, we got wedding crashed – that's so funny.'"

Now, the entire wedding party is trying to track down the two strangers who made an already special day legendary.

"I want to shake their hands and tell them good job," Karen Tufo said.

"How did you do it? Like, how did you know what time to come? How did you know what table to sit at?" Boardman added

The newlyweds told Bauman a couple of invited guests were no-shows, so there was food and drinks to spare. But they'll still keep the dollar.

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