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Random Encounter At Diner Becomes Life Changing Moment For Wall Woman

WALL, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- A bad car accident 6 years ago left Darlene Andamasaria -- a waitress at a Wall diner -- with a series of painful injuries, financial hardship, and a broken spirit.

Her missing, cracked, and damaged teeth were a constant reminder of the sadness and despair.

Then, through a completely random encounter at the diner, and a remarkable act of kindness, something extraordinary happened.

At 65, Darlene got her smile back.

As CBS2's Scott Rapoport reported, it all started in November. Darlene was working her shift at the diner when she waited on a man named Kevin Moseman and his wife.

They started talking and Kevin said he noticed a deep sadness about her.

"I could just see it in her face, her expression, there was no smiling or anything," he said.

He told Darlene she could feel free to talk about her troubles, and she did -- grateful that somebody would listen, that somebody would care.

"They listened to my every word, every single word, and I said they were interested in what I was saying," she said.

Afterwards, as Darlene was preparing Kevin's check she noticed that the bill was $20.22. The numbers '222' were significant to her. They were her deceased father's lucky numbers.

"After he passed away, he said if you ever see '222' I'll be thinking of you," she said.

She took it as a sign. To thank Kevin for his kindness she paid his bill, but there was something Darlene didn't know.

Kevin Moseman the customer, just happened to be a dentist. He was so touched by Darlene's gesture and her story.

A few weeks later he brought her to his office.

"What you see if a bunch of infection on her teeth. She's missing a lot of teeth," he said.

He repaired her broken and chipped smile for free.

"I just felt like we had to," he said.

In the process he restored Darlene's sense of confidence and health.

"I have my life back," she said through tears.

Two strangers, now friends, bonded through coincidence and kindness.


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