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"He'll get his day in court": New Jersey voters react to unprecedented indictment of former President Donald Trump

NJ residents react to unprecedented indictment of Donald Trump
NJ residents react to unprecedented indictment of Donald Trump 02:15

SUMMIT, N.J. -- A Manhattan grand jury's unprecedented indictment of former President Donald Trump is expected to be unsealed Tuesday. 

Reaction to the decision has been strong on both sides. 

The Summit Diner in New Jersey was packed with voters Friday having breakfast and talking about the indictment. 

"The law should be applied fairly, and if he's innocent, he'll get his day in court," said Joe Gallegos. 

"Nobody's above the law in the end. So, if he did the wrong deeds, he should face the law and pay the price," said Emmanuel Obas. 

Nineteen-year-old Luca Fonseca said he's not sure what to make of a former president walking into a courtroom to be arraigned. 

"I mean it is strange. As a president, he ran the country and now he's going to be indicted. It's kind of scary," said Fonseca. 

People at the diner offered a diverse range of opinions. Some said they're just embarrassed that Americans have to go through this. 

"It's a disappointment, a disappointment for the country, disappointment for the young people," said Steven Capasso. 

Sam Jean, who supports Mr. Trump, said he's confident the former president will beat the charges. 

"I think the charges are kind of silly, kind of bogus to me. Hopefully he figures it out. I mean he used to be our former president. Why go through all this?" said Jean. 

Mr. Trump owns a golf course in Bedminster, a bucolic township in Somerset County, once a Republican stronghold and now leaning blue. 

Some Democrats said moderate Republicans don't like the former president. Others, like Craig DeSantis, said Republicans are strong in Morris County and many support Mr. Trump. 

"I think it's just nonsense, I really do, because he's Republican. The media hates Republicans, a lot of the country hates Republicans and it would be nice if they would show the same fairness to Democrats when they do something wrong," said DeSantis. 

If the indictment deters Mr. Trump from running for president, DeSantis said his next choice would be Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. 

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