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New Jersey Under Attack From Asian Tiger Mosquito

HILLSDALE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- New Jersey is under attack – not by annoying but harmless cicadas, but by a truly nasty creature that buzzes and bites with fury.

As CBS 2's Christine Sloan reported, the Asian tiger mosquito made its way to the Garden State a decade ago -- most likely on ships. And the mosquito is sure to take a bite out of your of July plans.

The mosquitos will not be found in the areas where spraying is going on, but in your very own backyard, buzzing around your barbecue.

Named for its striped black and white legs, the Asian tiger mosquito is aggressive and out for blood all day long.

"It's going to ruin your backyard barbecue in the middle of the day," said Pete Rendine of the Bergen County Mosquito Control Division. "They definitely bite during the day."

With all the recent rain, North Jersey is a perfect breeding ground. And the Asian tiger doesn't need much space, Rendine told WCBS 880 this past weekend.

"This mosquito can breed in a bottle cap," said Rendine.

The nasty insects are everywhere. Dave Bedford is constantly cleaning them from his swimming pool, where they die once they hit the chlorinated water.

Bedford, of Hillsdale, uses repellant -- and says you should too.

"They swarm. You can't get away from them," he said. "Even the dogs -- they walk and are constantly brushing their faces hard to get away from them."

Mosquito control divisions have their hands full spraying swarms, and they have asked homeowners to take precautions in their backyards. That means getting rid of standing water.

"Mosquitoes do not breed in moving water -- only still standing water," Rendine said.

Warren Staudinger, also of the Bergen County Mosquito Control Division, is responsible for identifying different species of mosquitoes. He said the Asian tiger mosquito is not only annoying, but can be dangerous.

"It's an efficient vector of West Nile Virus, so we want to keep mosquitos down," Staudinger said.

Without the water, the Asian tiger mosquito dies. So Staudinger said by dumping the standing water, the pest can be eliminated.

Wearing light and loose-fitting clothing will also prevent you from becoming a victim of the Asian tiger mosquito, experts said.

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