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New Jersey's Eviction Moratorium Ends Saturday

JERSEY CITY, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- New Jersey's eviction moratorium ends Saturday.

Landlords will now be able to evict tenants who miss or are late with rent payments.

For the last year and nine months, the state protected tenants from being kicked out of their homes after many lost their jobs during the pandemic.

Housing attorneys predict it will take months to process the more than 50,000 backlogged housing cases in court.

"No one's going to be out in the streets, right, within the next two to three months, really, unless a landlord already had a warrant, a judgement and a warrant for the eviction," housing attorney Altagracia Pierre-Outerbridge said.

"To see a family evicted breaks my heart, and it shouldn't happen to anyone," one Jersey City man said.

Housing attorneys say tenants should talk to their landlords and show them they've applied for rental assistance and have been making whatever payments they can.

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