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Over 200 New Jersey police officers must be retrained after attending controversial conference, state attorney general says

Over 200 N.J. police officers must be retrained after conference, state AG says
Over 200 N.J. police officers must be retrained after conference, state AG says 01:29

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TRENTON, N.J. - New Jersey's attorney general is telling police chiefs that up to 240 officers in the state must be retrained in March or they'll face discipline.

The new training session is for officers who attended a controversial conference in 2021 in Atlantic City.

CBS New York investigative reporter Tim McNicholas has been looking into that conference and the Street Cop Training company for months.

The attorney general says all of those New Jersey officers who attended that 2021 conference we've been telling you about must go through a new training in March. This comes as we've learned the Street Cop Training company has filed for bankruptcy.

The attorney general points to a report from the New Jersey comptroller's office, which said the 2021 Street Cop Training conference taught unconstitutional police tactics and glorified violence.

The session in March will include training on constitutional rights, New Jersey discrimination laws and discussions with survivors of law enforcement shootings.

The attorney general sent the memo to police chiefs across the state just about a week after a CBS New York Investigation exposed the police disciplinary records of Street Cop's founder, which included a suspension for an alleged racial slur, along with two letters of reprimand.

Street Cop has been planning and promoting its 2024 conference at the Gaylord Palms Resort near Orlando, but that bankruptcy filing for the company says Street Cop owes the Gaylord $249,000.

We reached out to the Gaylord Resort and Street Cop, but have not heard back.

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