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'Nerdist' Host Chris Hardwick Returning To Comedy Roots

NEW YORK (WLNY) -- Chris Hardwick, comedian and host of "The Talking Dead" is performing at Carolines on Broadway this weekend.

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The former "Singled Out" star joined us on The Couch to catch us up on all that's happened in his career since he was launched to fame on the MTV dating show.

His show, "The Talking Dead" comes on after "The Walking Dead," and is, as Hardwick described it, a form of "therapy" for fans of the show.

"The Walking Dead is so intense, there's a huge cast, a lot of drama, I guess we're just therapy for people," he said.

The comic, who's based in Los Angeles, is pumped to perform in New York this weekend.

"New York particularly is a great place for comedy," he said.

"The audience is engaged, there is a theater culture...[New Yorkers] know how to watch a show live," he said. "People in LA are all performers, so they're judging, but people in New York enjoy shows."

And don't expect him to return to a show like "Singled Out" anytime soon.

"I don't think so, not at this point," he joked.

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