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Nadler Wants Federal Probe Of NYPD's 'Occupy Wall Street' Response

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Manhattan Congressman Jerrold Nadler wants the U.S. Department of Justice to conduct a full investigation into alleged misconduct by the NYPD and actions taken against Occupy Wall Street protesters.

In a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, Rep. Nadler expressed his concern about "troubling reports" involving alleged "excessive force used by NYPD officers against OWS protestors."

WEB EXTRA: Read Nadler's Full Letter To Holder

Nadler specifically pointed out three incidents that he says are "worthy of investigation," including a September 24 march in which several arrests were made, allegations of excessive force during a Brooklyn Bridge march on October 1 and the eviction of protesters from Zuccotti Park on November 15.

"I urge you initiate an investigation into law enforcement activities surrounding the Occupy Wall Street protests, and similar events in other cities, to determine whether the unlawful use of force, or the unlawful targeting of individuals based on their participation in constitutionally protected activities, occurred," Nadler said in the letter to Holder.

Nadler also took issue with how the police allegedly treated journalists covering the Zuccotti Park eviction, saying "the NYPD aggressively blocked journalists from reporting on the incident, and in some cases, targeted journalists for mistreatment."

The lawmaker also criticized Mayor Michael Bloomberg's response to questions regarding the treatment of journalists during the eviction in which it was suggested reporters were restricted for their own protection.

"This justification appears to have little merit," Nadler wrote. Journalists enter war zones to inform the American people about the status of those conflicts. I think they can be trusted to assume the risks associated with covering a non-violent protest."

A spokesperson for the DOJ said Tuesday it would review the letter.

Agree with Rep. Nadler's remarks?  Do you think the DOJ will investigate the NYPD response?  Share your thoughts below...

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