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N.Y. DMV Prepares To Unveil New Black-And-White Driver's Licenses

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles has released samples of the new driver's license design, which is aimed at cracking down on counterfeit licenses.

The new design, of which the DMV supplied samples to the, included laser-engraved black-and-white photos that are considered nearly tamper-proof, the publication reported. A clear window shows a second photo, which can be seen from both the front and back, the publication reported.

New NYS Driver's License
The new New York state driver's license design for motorists under 21. (Credit: New York State DMV, via State Island Advance)

The name and date of birth on the license are also laser-engraved, the publication reported.

The licenses will remain horizontal for drivers over 21, but will be vertical for those under 21.

The DMV will begin issuing the new licenses to motorists who renew online beginning next week, and at branch offices beginning in September.

Around the country states have tried to fight fake IDs with holograms, watermarks, and even bright red lettering. Now, a number of states are using black and white pictures on their licenses in an effort to combat counterfeiters whose products normally cater to underage drinkers, but could be used for more serious crimes including terrorism.

Motor Vehicle officials told the Times that they collected 1,450 counterfeit licenses in 2012.

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