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N.J. Girls Connect With Seahawks' Derrick Coleman Over Hearing Aids

ROXBURY TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- A tweet has brought together a 9-year-old hearing-challenged New Jersey girl, and a Seattle Seahawks star who faces a similar challenge.

As CBS 2's Steve Langford reported, it is a matter of mutual inspiration between an indomitable youngster and a Super Bowl contender.

Twins Riley and Erin Kovalcik of Roxbury Township, N.J. are big fans of Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman, because like Coleman, they wear hearing aids too.

"I was very surprised about him being very much like us," Riley Kovalcik said.

Riley was amazed to see a commercial in which Derrick Coleman appears, where addresses the challenges of having to use hearing aids as a pro football player.

"She just was like, 'Hey, Daddy can I write a note to Derrick Coleman? I was like, 'Yeah, sure,'" said the girls' father, Jake Kovalcik.

A tweet showed a hand-written letter by 9-year-old Riley hailing her new hero, her inspiration.

"I know how you feel. I also have hearing aids. Just try your best," the note said in part. "I have faif (sic) in you, Derrick. Good job on January 20th game."

The tweet was soon heard in Seattle, by Coleman himself. He responded with his own handwritten letter reading, "Even though we wear hearing aids, we can still accomplish our goals and dreams."

"I was surprised that he wrote back because of how busy he is in the Super Bowl," Riley said.

"To write her a quick note was just fantastic," added Jake Kovalcik. "I couldn't have hoped for anything else."

The Kovalcik twins have worn hearing aids since they were babies, but their parents said their challenge has never slowed them down a bit.

"Outgoing is probably an understatement for Riley and Erin," Jake Kovalcik said. "They talk a lot -- both of them, nonstop."

One cannot help but wonder if one day the Kovalcik children will meet Coleman, who will be playing football not too far away from their home quite soon.

Jake Kovalcik is also deaf in one ear, and suspects his daughters' condition is genetic.

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