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N.J. Family Wakes Up To Find Pregnant Coyote In Basement

OAKLAND, N.J. (CBS 2) – When Ken Dunwald first saw his smashed basement window, he had no idea he wasn't alone.

Upon going downstairs and opening his basement door, he nearly stepped on something wild and furry.

A 40-pound coyote was resting on the warm comfort of his TV room floor.

"She was lying right against that door," Dunwald said. "I just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time."

He believes the wild animal crashed into the home through a window while everyone was asleep. The animal did not appear to be injured either.

While the Dunwald family was agitated, they said the coyote looked as calm as could be.

"She was looking away from me. She looked almost shy," Dunwald said.

Dunwald's daughter Erica grabbed her camera and quickly snapped a photo from outside.

"It was creepy," she said, recalling her nervous moment taking the picture.

Police told the family to wait outside. When two Bergen County Animal Control officers arrived, they determined the coyote was pregnant.

"The animal control people came around and started pushing on the door here, and the other came on this side rattling pans and eventually she snuck out. We opened the garage doors and she bolted right out the door," Dunwald said.

The Coyote, is now back in the wild to give birth. But the Dunwalds don't know what caused her to jump through the double paned window.

"The animal control experts have a theory the coyote was startled by a car on Seminole Avenue and darted across the lawn before crashing through the window in a panic," Dunwald said.

The Dunwalds wish the coyote and her offspring well, deep in the woods—some place far away from here.

"It had a good ending I just hope the coyote is okay," the daughter said.

Police told the Dunwald family that coyote sightings in the area are extremely rare. Officers said this was the first one they can remember.

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