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N.J. Bakery Pays Homage To Charlie Sheen With New Cupcake

RUTHERFORD, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- Some of us may be growing tired of the Charlie Sheen drama, but one New Jersey bakery sure isn't.

The Sweet Avenue Bake Shop of Rutherford, N.J., introduced a new addition earlier this week, paying homage to the former 'Two and a Half Men' star.

"Charlie Sheen cupcakes are kind of obvious now that we look back on it," said the store's owner, Jake Vance. "It was my wife's idea, originally. She's the other owner."

Charlie Sheen Cupcake From Sweet Ave Bake Shop
Sweet Avenue Bake Shop's colorful Charlie Sheen cupcake is blood orange with a mixed berry filling.

Vance and his wife, Danielle, have been working out of their Northern New Jersey location for almost four years now, where they offer a rotating selection of both mini and regular sized cupcakes.

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Their latest addition, The Charlie Sheen Tiger Blood Cupcake, is a blood orange flavor with mixed berry filling – and the store's owners are quite pleased with the response.

"We've gone through hundreds of them," said Vance. "About 20 percent of our business the past couple of days have been Charlie Sheen cupcakes."

Vance said he likes to keep an eye on pop culture and other events his store can capitalize on. For the Academy Awards, for instance, the Sweet Ave Bake Shop whipped up a set of cupcakes for each of the 'Best Picture' nominees.

But none saw the winning success that their latest concoction has.

"It's rare that there's a perfect storm of crazy that really gets people's attention," said Vance, admitting he's been slightly surprised by the consumer reaction.

"We knew it would be funny, but we thought people might get tired of it after day one," he said. "But they've actually gotten more popular every day."

Vance has a feeling that even when the spotlight is no longer on Sheen, people may still enjoy this wacky dessert.

"Even if the joke wears out, they're still pretty good cupcakes."

Sweet Avenue Bake Shop
153 Park Ave. Rutherford, NJ 07070
(201) 935-2253

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