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Must See Video: Woman Wrecks Rockland Liquor Store

WEST NYACK, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- Police in Rockland County are trying to track down the woman seen in a rather bizarre surveillance video.

Her belligerent, bottle-breaking display left many dismayed.

"Rex" the owner's dog saw it all, and so did a battery of video cameras from multiple angles.

An angry woman went on a bottle-breaking rampage through a West Nyack liquor store. She didn't steal anything. She just wrecked the place.

"I'm angry about this. In 25 years in this business I've never seen something like this," said the store owner's son, Chris Giacopelli.

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The store clerks told police the woman came through the door and walked right up to the counter wanting the jump the line, very angry. This happened at about 6:30 last Wednesday night. And if the people in the store were smiling about the incident a week later, as they told CBS 2's Lou Young, at the time they were terrified.

The video shows her arguing with a clerk about 30 seconds after she walked in. A customer looks on, and Rex looks very concerned. During this heated exchange she asked to use the restroom and was told no, and that really set her off.

She's seen on video heading to the back of the store and then clears parts of a shelf on her way out.

They were still re-stocking Wednesday and remembering.

She put just put her hand in here and all the way all the way down," one person said.

"Then when she got to this area she grabbed this display here and threw it down to the floor -- strong and angry," another person said.

"It was very scary. I was terrified," clerk Joanne Ghaharty said.

But it's all on video. Police said they know she arrived and left in a cab and was dropped off at the Palisades Mall. They have a possible line on her identity but would like your help all the same.

"Oh this is quite unusual. I think that she had been drinking. That's the information we have," Clarkstown Police Sgt. Harry Baumann said.

If you know her you're asked to call the police and its suggested you probably don't want to make her angry.

Police said that when they catch the woman in the video she'll likely face a criminal mischief charge.

Ever see anything like this? Please tell us your experiences in the comments section below.

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