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MTA Report Says Bronx Subway Stations Are The City's Dirtiest

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is turning the white glove on its own subway stations and detailing which of them are the city's filthiest.

If you keep your eyes straight ahead while waiting for the subway in the Bronx, the stations don't look so dirty. Just don't look down on the tracks.

"It's just disgusting," one commuter told CBS 2's Kristen Thorne.

"It's absolutely scandalous," another commuter added.

It's enough to make any subway rider get nauseated. The Bronx has the dirtiest subways stations out of the five boroughs, according to a survey by the MTA.

"I mean they're doing all this construction. They should clean it up," one man said.

The MTA rates stations based upon three things: litter, graffiti and overall cleanliness. That criteria also includes the tracks.

Riders from Queens should consider themselves lucky. They have the cleanest stations, according to the report.

After Queens, Brooklyn had the cleanest stations, with Manhattan coming in third place.

The study though didn't address the physical condition of the stations, which is what a lot of people in the Bronx often complain about.

The MTA said it has already completed rehabilitation projects at 42 of the 71 Bronx stations and more are in the works. That should take care of at least some of the dirt and grime.

The MTA said it specifically plans to focus on renovating 149th Street-Grand Concourse Station in the Bronx.

What Station Do You Think Is The Dirtiest In The City?  Share Your Thoughts In The Comments Section...

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