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Good Samaritan Testifies About Biker Attack On SUV Driver

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- A good Samaritan who helped break up an attack on a driver by a mob of angry bikers testified in court Thursday.

Sergio Consuegra described the crazy scene in Washington Heights in September 2013 -- the roar of motorcycles, the screaming of people, WCBS 880's Irene Cornell.

The victim, Alexian Lien, had been dragged from his Range Rover and was being beaten by the motorcyclists, who were stomping and kicking him and beating him on the head with their helmets, Consuegra told the judge hearing the cases of two of the accused bikers.

Good Samaritan Testifies About Bikers Beating SUV Driver

Consuegra said he stepped in to help just as another biker was trying to drag Lien's wife from the SUV. She was screaming, "There's a baby here! A baby! Stop!" he said.

Consuegra said he pleaded for them to leave them alone. Finally, the bikers started to ride away.

As Consuegra put it, "I guess I was destined to do this."

Undercover detective and biker Wojciech Braszczok is on trial for gang assault, along with Robert Sims, who prosecutors say was caught on video in the act of stomping on Lien.

Watch The Full Video Below: WARNING — GRAPHIC IMAGES

Range Rover VS Biker Gang - NYC Road Rage (FULL VIDEO HD) by MegaHDGoals on YouTube

The cop can be seen in a video shattering the rear window of the sport-utility vehicle and kicking it, CBS2's Tony Aiello reported.

Lien was taken to the hospital for stitches to his face, and was also injured on the hands and torso.

One of the bikers was seriously injured when the driver hit the gas to get away and ran him over.

Defense attorney John Arlia has said Braszczok was acting as a policeman who had just seen an SUV crush a biker and that he did not go on the attack.

Eleven men were indicted after the melee. The others have pleaded guilty to charges including assault and riot. One of the bikers was sentenced earlier this month to a year in prison.

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