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4 Factors That Will Make You More Of A 'Mosquito Magnet'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Ever wonder why you get bitten up by mosquitoes while the person next to you doesn't get a bite?

Turns out, there are four different types of people that are more likely to be a mosquito magnet than others -- expectant mothers, athletes, people who drink alcohol and those with type O blood, CBS2's Alex Denis reported.

Though imbibing outside is a more popular pastime in the summer months, experts say drinking could also make you prone to bites.

"The theory is alcohol may raise your body temperature a little bit and make you more attractive to mosquitoes," Dr. Jon Steadman said.

According to studies, expectant mothers exhale more carbon dioxide, which can attract mosquitoes.

The blood-sucking pests are also drawn to those with higher levels of lactic acid -- common in athletes and those who work out on a consistent basis.

Stacy Powell, a runner, says she takes special precautions when taking a jog outside.

"I'm probably not gonna be running or hanging around a lake that might be swampy," she said.

For some, it's simply biological. One study found that people with Type O blood were 83 percent more likely to be bitten. And if you're blood Type A, you're in luck -- that's the group least likely to get bit.

Experts also recommend staying away from scented beauty products. Mosquitoes love it when you smell good.

Protecting yourself against mosquitoes is always the best route for bite prevention, but for people like Clark, avoiding a bite from a mosquito isn't going to stop her from going on a jog or enjoying a glass of wine.

"I'm probably still going to drink wine outside," she said.

Experts say mosquitoes are most active at dawn and dusk.





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