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More Snow, Freezing Rain Hit Tri-State Area

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- As if the bitter cold weather wasn't bad enough, more snow has made its way to the Tri-State area.

The National Weather Service issued a winter weather advisory from 1 p.m. Saturday through 2 a.m. Sunday for New York City, Long Island, portions of central
and southeastern Connecticut, and portions of northeast New Jersey.

Snow began to fall in New York City around 1:30 p.m. Saturday as the storm moves west to east.

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Steady snow continued through the evening and became heavy at times.

The storm is expected to change over to rain for early Sunday morning.

"...Temperatures are going to start rising into the 40s on Sunday," Office of Emergency Management Commissioner Joe Esposito told 1010 WINS. "So that will be the day to get out there, if you've got some frozen driveways or walkways, that might be the day to get out there and take care of it because it's going to get cold again next week."

Before the rain begins, places like Ocean and Monmouth counties in New Jersey and most of Long Island can expect between a coating to 2 inches of snow, CBS2 Meteorologist Vanessa Murdock reported Saturday morning.

More Snow, Freezing Rain Hit Tri-State Area

New York City, its immediate suburbs, Westchester and Rockland counties in New York and Essex, Union and Bergen counties in New Jersey could see up to 4 inches of snow.

Not long after the snow started in Hackensack, New Jersey, a small strip mall parking lot became a place of twisted metal injuring people and first responders, CBS2's Dave Carlin reported.

Four people were hurt after witnesses say the driver of a silver sedan lost control of her car on Passaic Avenue, striking other vehicles and clipping a person.

"Maybe she was going too fast when she flew up in the air and hit these cars," Hackensack resident Steven Paley said.

The four people went to Hackensack Medical center, with non-life-threatening injuries, Carlin reported.

Well north and northwest of New York City is expected to get as much as 4 to 6 inches of snow or more, Murdock reported.

Crews at Lincoln Center cleared steps and the plaza for patrons, CBS2's Matt Kozar reported.

New York City has issued cold weather and snow alerts and urged New Yorkers to be careful and look out for neighbors -- especially the elderly and disabled.

Snow, Freezing Rain Pummels Tri-State Area

In preparation for the storm, the city's Department of Sanitation deployed 424 salt spreaders across the five boroughs to treat highways and local roadways.

"The department already has rolled out the salt spreaders as we're starting to see snow move in across the area," Department of Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia told WCBS 880.

Garcia said the amount of accumulation the city will see all depends on when the snow/rain line moves over the area.

"The longer it holds off the more accumulation we'll see," she said.

The sanitation department also has 1,600 plows available and crews are working 12-hour shifts.

"We're prepared to be plowing this evening and plowing through the night if we see accumulating snow over 2 inches," Garcia told WCBS 880.

Esposito praised the sanitation department for its continued efforts throughout this winter to keep New York City's streets clear.

"Sanitation is on board, they've been going a great job -- and DOT -- they have just been doing a terrific job this year with keeping the streets plowed, bridges and tunnels open," he told 1010 WINS.

NYC Hit With Snow...Again

Alternate-side parking rules have been suspended for Saturday, though parking meters remain in effect throughout the city.

As 1010 WINS' Roger Stern reported, the old saying that people complain about the weather but don't do anything about it is true, but that's because there's nothing you can do.

"I never seen this weather like this in my life," said Pierro, of Fort Lee, New Jersey. "I'm from Italy and living here for 15 years -- I think this is the worst, chilliest winter I've ever experienced."

Pearl, of Englewood, had a bit better attitude.

"We'll be a day closer to spring, so I think we'll be fine," she told Stern.

In Central Park, the mood was quiet-- except for two Columbia law students out for a run. The two told 1010 WINS' Gary Baumgarten there is no better weather to run in than the snow.

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