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Monmouth University Suspends All Fraternities And Sororities

WEST LONG BRANCH, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – Just as a new college semester begins, Monmouth University in New Jersey has suspended all fraternities and sororities indefinitely.

School administrators say the groups failed to come up with a plan to keep students safe, leaving some students and future pledges furious.

"It's not really fair to everyone that's planning on rushing this year and it might ruin our experience," freshman Darianna Zebrowski said.

The move came less than a day after Penn State agreed to a legal settlement with the family of Penn State freshman Tim Piazza, who was severely injured and died during an alcohol-fueled hazing ritual at a frat house.

While Piazza's story reportedly played a role in Monmouth suspending all its groups, the school's vice president for student life said "Greek life" faced other problems on campus.

"Allegations of hazing and or confirmation of hazing. Information that would indicate students were being underground pledged because they did not meet minimum standards set by the university," Mary Anne Nagy detailed.

Nagy says Monmouth's Greek senate failed to submit a preliminary plan by Aug. 15, which would focus on creating a more positive culture in fraternities and sororities.

Some students say it was the right move for the university to stop potentially dangerous behaviors like hazing.

"I think they should have suspended it because people are getting drunk and getting hurt like it's not ok," sophomore Georgette Burrell said.

"I want nothing to do with that," Junior Ryan Greenstone added.

CBS2's Marc Liverman reached out to the Greek senate to find out why they never came up with a plan but they did not respond.

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