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Mom Of Missing College Student From Westchester Says She Was Hurt By Anonymous Letter

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (CBSNewYork) -- The mother of missing Indiana University student Lauren Spierer says she was hurt by an anonymous letter sent to her complaining about search posters littering Bloomington.

On a blog dedicated to the search of her missing 20-year-old daughter, Charlene Spierer posted that she found the unsigned letter in a post office box set up to receive tips.

"I opened and read the letter," she wrote. "The writer of the letter did not sign their name and I have no way of knowing who sent it. Clearly the point of the PO Box, to be anonymous. I quote, 'We are sorry about your missing daughter. But don't you think it's time to do the right thing by Bloomington and stop littering our town with your posters?' It goes on to say 'You have had a lot of supporters but now you are offending a good many of us.'"

She said the writer's words made her feel even worse for "imposing on Bloomington" as she and her family search for their daughter.

"To the anonymous writer of the letter directed at me, if your goal was to hurt me, you were successful," Spierer says.

She goes on to say she wishes she never had to hang a single missing poster and hopes the writer of the letter is never put in a similar situation.

"I apologize for our intrusion," Spierer wrote. "I hope you never have to hang a poster for your missing child, but believe me; I will be alongside you if you should ever find yourself in my place. Rest assured, Lauren's posters have been seen in many places outside of Bloomington. We've been told Lauren's missing posters have been seen across the country on cars and trucks, reminding anyone who happens to notice that a 20-year-old girl is missing. A girl who could be you. A girl who could be your child, your friend, your daughter. Thank goodness for that. We have no plans to give up our search for Lauren."

Lauren Spierer disappeared on June 3 after a night out with friends.

Since she went missing, the Spierer family has been calling on the Indiana University and Bloomington communities to come forward with any information that could help find their daughter.

Charlene Spierer reiterated that message in her post to the anonymous writer.

"While it took cowardice to take Lauren off the streets of Bloomington, June 3, 2011, I offer a coward's alternative to providing the truth. An anonymous post office box. The price of a stamp stands between you and me. I am waiting to hear from you. Maybe today will be the day your letter makes its way to the post office box. We will never stop looking for Lauren.  We will never give up. We are as determined today as we were on June 3rd."

Investigators have searched in and around Bloomington since Lauren's disappearance, including at a landfill in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Several leads into what may have happened to Lauren have fallen short, but police said they will continue investigating.

Spierer is 4'11", 95 pounds, has blonde hair and blue eyes. She was last seen wearing black pants and a white top.

For more information, visit the family's website

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