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Family Demands Answers After Missing Man Found Dead In Hospital Bathroom

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- The family of a man found dead at Montefiore Medical Center says they're devastated by their loss.

Anthony Iuso -- a hospital employee -- died after going to the emergency room at the Einstein Campus in Morris Park, the Bronx and was found days later locked inside a hospital bathroom.

"I'm never going to forget him. I see him every day," said Iuso's father, Thomaso.

Thomaso is devastated over the circumstances of his son's death.

"That's a disgrace," he said.

Anthony, 44, was an employee as a cleaner at the Bronx hospital. He went to the emergency room during his shift last Thursday for an injured finger, then disappeared, CBS2's Ilana Gold reported.

"He was triaged at 1:22, when they went back to finally go see him around 3 o'clock, he was gone," said Anthony's brother, Thomas.

The NYPD then started investigating and four days later, with Anthony still missing, his loved ones showed up at the hospital and tracked down administrators.

"So that's when they said 'OK we're going around the camera and see where he went," Thomaso said.

Looking through that footage led to a gruesome discovery. They found Anthony unresponsive, locked in a single occupancy bathroom on the third floor.

His loved ones said he never complained of any illness and didn't have health problems.

"Days in the one bathroom, one person. They never checked out the bathroom. What kind of hospital is this?" said Thomaso.

His family wants to know how something like this could even happen. How no one noticed he was there the entire time.

"They neglected looking for him as a worker and also as a patient," said Thomas.

CBS2 reached out to Montefiore Medical Center for comment on procedures on keeping track of employees and checking out the bathrooms, but a spokesperson said they can't give those answers.

"If it wasn't for us going there to actually say to look at the videotapes, do this and do that, they wouldn't have," said Thomas.

The hospital said it's investigating and released a statement that said "The staff at Montefiore are extremely saddened to learn that one of our employees has passed away."

The medical examiners is waiting on autopsy results to determine Anthony's exact cause of death.

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