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Miriam Carey 911 Tapes Show Mom Killed In D.C. Chase Thought She Was Being Stalked

STAMFORD, Conn. (CBSNewYork) -- Stamford police have released several 911 tapes that shed light on the emotional state of Miriam Carey, the woman who led Capitol Hill police on a car chase earlier this month before she was shot dead.

As CBS 2's Tracee Carrasco reported, the calls made to police by Carey, 34, from her Stamford condo paint a disturbing picture of a new mother.

"I have some people prowling outside my window," she said in one call. "They've been prowling outside of my window all day."

At times sounding confused, Carey explained a bizarre scene to the 911 operator.

Operator: "They're, what, outside your window?"
Carey: "People, like ... "
Operator: "Loitering?"
Carey: "Loitering and actually trying to videotape me, outside my window."
Operator: "Do you know who they are?"
Carey: "Yes, I do. ... "
Operator: "Why are they trying to videotape you?"
Carey: "Because they've been stalking me for the past several months."

Stamford police said Carey, who grew up in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, told officers last December that President Barack Obama had placed her under surveillance, and she described herself as the "Prophet of Stamford."

Carey's boyfriend, Eric Francis, also called 911 twice to report she was having delusions and becoming violent, police said.

"Miriam, she's outside now with the baby without any coats on, and she's just physically -- I definitely need to take her somewhere to get some help," Francis tells an operator.

Carey's sisters have said she was suffering from postpartum depression and psychosis, but was working with her doctors to get the counseling she needed.

On Oct. 3, Carey, with her 1-year-old daughter in the car, sped onto a driveway leading to the White House, over a set of barricades.

When she couldn't get through a second barrier, she spun the car in the opposite direction and then sped down Pennsylvania Avenue. Then the chase began.

She was surrounded by police cars, but drove off, careening around a traffic circle and past the north side of the Capitol. Video shot by a TV cameraman showed police pointing firearms at her car before she rammed a Secret Service vehicle and continued driving.

Police shot and killed Carey a block away.

The child was not harmed.

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