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Miracle Cat Survives 20-Story Fall From Upper West Side Apartment Building

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- The owners of one lucky Upper West Side cat were talking about nine lives after he survived a 20-floor fall from a high-rise building.

Forget about black cats and bad luck – this cat is one amazing animal.

"They told me that he was a miracle," owner Barry Myers said.

"Gloucester," better known as "G" to his owners, was the subject of plenty of fireworks on the Fourth of July after surviving a 20-story plunge from an apartment building. The cat crash-landed on the pavement with barely a scratch.

"According to the vet, when you're 10 floors or above, you actually have an increased chance of surviving it, because you have a chance to kind of right yourself and get ready to land," Myers said.

Myers has owned "G" since he found the cat in an abandoned building 16 years ago. Members of the family mistakenly left a window cracked when they left for a long weekend, not knowing the danger in store for their curious cat.

"In all the years we've been here, he's never even looked at the window, let alone peeked his head out or anything," Myers said. "I assume he saw something and leaned out and tried to take a swing at it."

Luckily, "G" was discovered by a woman walking her dog. She gave him water and called for help.

"Everything came back pretty negative," Myers said. "He was obviously in shock for a while."

"G" is on the mend, and little wobbly and eating through a feeding tube. He's bruised and banged up, but suffered no broken bones.

"He's getting around pretty good right now, and he's eating," Myers said. "He seems relatively happy, all things considered, and he curled up on the couch with me and watched TV last night."

Myers said he's hopeful that Gloucester will make a full recovery.

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