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Historic Long Island Inn Opens 'Haunted' Rooms To Public

JERICHO, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- Just in time for Halloween, an historic Long Island inn is welcoming visitors to its Haunted Village.

Almost 350 years after the Milleridge Inn first opened in Jericho, some longtime patrons say ghosts from the past have come back to haunt the place.

"We have staff and customers who will not come into this particular room, it's called the director's room," owner Butch Yamali said. "There's a loft behind me and supposedly the chairs move around. There's a rocking chair that rocks back and forth every so often."

The inn has opened several "haunted" rooms in its main building that have been closed to the public for centuries.

It's being called the biggest haunted house on Long Island.

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