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Millennial Shoppers Breathing New Life Into Thrift Stores

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- People are finding some real gems in Goodwill stores these days, and a big reason for that is all the donations coming in from younger people.

The young shoppers are helping breathe life into the thrift stores not only by buying there, but also bringing in the big ticket items left to them by parents and grandparents.

"I'm not going to be needing a lot of things my parents might like to pass down to me," college student Madison Rodgers said.

Some millennials expect to live in smaller places with minimalist styles of decor that just don't have the room for mom and dad's stuff.

"I know that my parents want to pass down this really big antique sewing machine but I'm not gonna have room anywhere for it and I don't know if I'm really gonna use it," college student Aaron Peters said.

That may mean better quality donations to a Salvation Army Store, or a for-profit second hand shop.

Business expert Stephen Viscusi says many of the shops are doing well at a time when some other kinds of retail outlets are struggling.

"Places like Housing Works, Goodwill, everyone is seeing a 20 percent increase in donations," he said. "Young people today just do not want to inherit their parents stuff they see it as junk."

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