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Mike Tyson: Ex-Girlfriend Cooked, Ate One Of My Pigeons

NEW YORK (WFAN) -- Mike Tyson loves his pigeons.

It's a known fact. Aside from boxing, "Iron Mike" is famous for training and racing the birds.

So it was sort of a shock Thursday morning when he admitted on WFAN's "Boomer & Carton" show that an ex-girlfriend actually cooked and consumed one of his feathered friends.

Here's how it went down:

Mike Tyson

(You can download the entire interview HERE.)

Mike Tyson: "There were no chickens back then (in the distant past), you know? You didn't have no fried chicken back then."

Craig Carton: "Do you think people were eating pigeons back then?"

Tyson: "Big time. They eat them now."

Carton: "Yeah? Have you ever eaten pigeon?"

Tyson: "Never in my life."

Boomer Esiason: "Well, you love the pigeons."

Tyson: "I tried (eating one)."

Carton: "When did you try?"

Tyson: "I tried, um..."

Carton: "I want to hear this story."

Tyson: "I tried. I was dating this young lady and she said, 'I don't know why you're flying those damn birds, you should be eating them.' ... She happened to grab one and -- and she cooked one and proceeded to eat it. And I just couldn't do it."

Carton: "You loved the pigeon that much."

Boomer: "Well, cause he's got a relationship with the pigeons."

Tyson: "It just wasn't the right thing to do."

He went on to state the obvious: "That's why she's not my woman anymore."

And as if we needed to know how she cooked it, Tyson said his ex-girlfriend put the pigeon in "some boiling stuff."

"It wasn't cool," he said. "It was her house and we were living off of her dime, so she could do (it)."


Tyson brought his usual candor to the lengthy in-studio interview. And he honestly couldn't remember giving his hilarious "Tea with Tyson" interview -- even when presented with video evidence.

The New York City native has been on the road doing his popular show, "Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth," a confessional on his exploits in and out of the ring.

You can see Mike perform his one-man act Thursday night at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark.

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Mike Tyson with Boomer & Carton
Mike Tyson with Boomer & Carton (credit: Al Dukes/WFAN)
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